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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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3rd meeting of Agriculture Ministers related to SAARC countries

DHAKA: Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Radha Mohan Singh called for SAARC Nations to work jointly for the betterment of agriculture and farmers in the 3rd meeting of Agriculture Ministers related to SAARC countries in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Thursday.

 On this eve  Singh said that the Government of SAARC countries are very much interested to elevate the economic and social stature in the perspective of their agricultural sectors. He said that the august presence of Agriculture Ministers on this eve expresses their political will power. On this juncture the Hon’ble Minister observed that in this region the farmers are fighting against economic disparity and instability. He emphasized that all of the concerned are required to sort out the problems in this sector.

 During his address Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister mentioned the Green Revolution in India. He further said that an unprecedented enhancement took place in the productivity of agricultural yields during the decade of 1960. However, there are many more challenges persisted as yet. These challenges are the loss of bio-elements in soil, deficiency of nutrients in soil, weeds, enhancement of diseases and pests, soil absorbed with sodium, degradation of ground water level etc. He added that it not only a effects agricultural products adversely it also cast a tremendous affect on climate change, natural calamities, pests and diseases like transboundary etc. The Hon’ble Minister said to all the present delegates that climate change is a real episode and most likely it can inflict tremendous losses in a number of cases. South Asia is one of the most sensitive regions in the world regarding natural calamities in the perspective of climate change.           Therefore, we are required to work altogether to find out the pests and diseases which are casting impacts on cops and animals.

  Singh further said that there is a enriched bio diversity regarding plants and livestocks in SAARC countries. India is one of the 12 mega centres in respect of bio diversity and there are almost 700 species of Arcirdus in North-Eastern states which are locals. They are supposed to be comprised of much more commercial properties in the time to come.

 Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister said that a better communication network must be formulated for providing information related to the sophisticated agricultural techniques, products, methods and related services to the farmers so as to enable them to control farming as adapted to the environment in near future.

  Singh opined that it will be appropriate to initiate a stable research and development work in agricultural sector through the mutual cooperation that we should frame the methodology to prepare programmes and implement them.

 Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister emphasized that it is imperative to make the Governments, International Agencies and Provider Agencies aware to promote input in agricultural sector. It is must to invest in agricultural research for security of foodgrains in future. He said that it is very much necessary to control economy, social and environmental scenario through appropriate use of science, techniques and innovative means for the stability of agricultural sector.

 In the end Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare  Radha Mohan Singh called for all the Agriculture Ministers of SAARC countries present there that they are supposed to work while helping each other with the sense of mutual cooperation so as to strengthen agriculture farmers and their livelihood and environmental balance.