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Amalgamation of Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping System for Irrigation

NEW DELHI: Ministry of Agriculture, with the consensus of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, has introduced solar energy pumping systems under the” Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanization” implemented through State Governments to cope up with the growing demand of solar pumping systems in irrigation,.

The “Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization( SMAM)” was implemented by this Ministry from April 2014. Under SMAM, this Ministry provides the financial assistance through the respective State Governments on the purchase of the different type Farm Machinery & equipment for individual ownership, establishing Farm Machinery Banks to provide custom hiring services to the farmers. The detail information regarding financial assistance & its implementation are available in the operational guidelines of “Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM)” which may be downloaded from the


Solar Photovoltaic water pumping systems for irrigation purpose has also been included to the existing list of farm machinery under component 3 of SMAM Guidelines. The pattern of financial assistance under SMAM for such pumping system is in line with the financial assistance pattern of MNRE, GoI. The details of financial Assistance pattern are as below:


S.No SPV System Capacity Maximum Subsidy*, Rs
1 DC Pumps Upto 2 HP 57,600
>2 HP to 5 HP 54,000
2 AC pumps Upto 2 HP 50,400
>2 HP to 5 HP 43,200


* Beneficiaries from SC/ST/Women/NE States/Small and Marginal farmers are eligible for additional subsidy of 10%. N.B:

  1. Capital subsidy is applicable on the system cost inclusive of installation, commissioning, transportation, insurance, 5 year maintenance and taxes wherever applicable
  2. Beneficiaries: Individual farmers, SHG/UC of farmers/Cooperative societies of farmers/FPO’s/entrepreneurs.


Solar energy is a proven clean, silent resource that offers both economic and environmental benefits. Solar energy driven pumping sets is a viable alternative for electrical and Diesel pumping systems in farm irrigation for farmers. Solar water pumping system can drastically improve your Farm electric and diesel bill and one that makes sense. For all these reasons, it has increased the demand of Solar pumping Systems as a substitute of Diesel and Electrical pumping Systems for irrigation in Agriculture Sector.


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