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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Area under Millet Cultivation Shrinks in Karnataka

Bengaluru: The area under millet cultivation in Karnataka has shown a decline in the last decade. This has been stated by H. Shivanna, Vice-Chancellor, University Of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru, according to whom the state reported decrease in cultivable land to the extent of about 2.5 lakh hectares in the last decade when it comes to millet cultivation.


Addressing the annual group meeting of the All-India Co-ordinated Project on Small Millets in Bengaluru, Shivanna said that nearly 40% of the area that was under millet cultivation in Karnataka is now being used for plantation of horticultural crops.


According to Shivanna, millet is presently being cultivated in 9.5 lakh hectares in the state.