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Availability of Milk

NEW DELHI:The estimated milk production in the country was 146.31 million tonnes in 2014-15.

The per-capita availability of milk in the country was 322 gram/day in 2014-15. The consumption of milk and milk products varies from place to place and within different sections of people in the country.

In order to complement and supplement the efforts made by the States/UTs to promote Animal Husbandry among farmersto enhance production of milk and improve per-capita availability, Government of India has initiated following Schemes:-

  1. National Programme for Bovine Breeding & Dairy Development (NPBBDD) aims to enhance milk production and productivity
  2. ‘National Dairy Plan-I in 18 major States contributing 90% of the milk production of the country.  The NDP-I aims to meet the demand of milk through genetic upgradation of bovines and strengthening village based procurement system.

3.  Advisories are also issued to major milk producing States and major State Milk Federations in 14 States by Government of India to make milk available through schools and Anganawari Centres for children.