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BRICS countries agree to encourage pulses production

New Delhi: In a joint declaration, the agriculture ministers of BRICS countries Friday have agreed to ‘promote production of pulses in the BRICS countries’. The member countries in their sixth meeting of agriculture minister which was hosted by India here resolved to cooperate in the field of agricultural research and development, technology transfer, capacity building and information sharing among them.

The countries, the joint declaration reads, also agreed to develop a ‘virtual BRICS Agricultural Research Platform (BRICS-ARP) to promote food security, sustainable agricultural development and poverty alleviation through strategic cooperation among the member countries’.

The declaration also reads, “We believe that promoting development of agriculture management and conservation of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, broadening of the genetic base of crops, livestock and fisheries and increase in the range of genetic diversity available to farmers, and raising the farmer’s income are central to addressing the problems of rising income inequality, unemployment, and excessive food price volatility”.

The countries also expressed concern over climate change and its impact on agriculture. They agreed to promote adoption of climate resilient agricultural technologies and enhance adaptive capacity through continuous exchange of information and sharing of experiences with respect to their relevant national policies, plans, programs, and research.

The BRICS countries account for 42 per cent of the world population, 26 per cent of the world’s geographical area and contributed 27 per cent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015.

China will host the seventh meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of the BRICS countries in 2017.


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