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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Campaign against GM mustard in Delhi Haat

New Delhi: Several activists representing different farmer organisations and NGOs held a protest at Delhi Haat on Sunday evening against the GM mustard which is developed by Delhi University. Demanding a complete ban on the use of GM Mustard in the country, they have alleged the government is resorting to introduce the GM variety illegally without taking all stakeholders including farmers into confidence.

It may mentioned here that more than 100 beekeepers, honey exporters and honey producers had protested against GM mustard at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi last week. They had also alleged that use of GM mustard will adversely impact beekeepers and honey industry.

“It has been noted that the negative impacts with Herbicide Tolerant (HT) GM crops on bee populations are seen due to large scale changes in agro-ecosystem. And we don’t accept this GM mustard”, said Kavitha Kuruganti .

Delhi government who stands against this GM mustard supported the protest in Delhi Haat. With the support of the Delhi government, Jash-e-Sarson, a campaign was launched and feed backs were collected. Massive awareness against the GM crop was created by drawing, folk song, posters and other activities.

Mustard crop covers large areas and is the source of over 60% of the honey export. If this crop is affected by the ill-effects of GM technology, not only the honey industry but also the yields of mustard will be affected due to decline in bee population’, argued the participants in the event.

Referring earlier use of BT Cottons, the participants claimed that more cases of farmer suicides are noticed in the regions where BT cottons are used and cultivated.

The pamphlets distributed at his event reads, “There is evidence that the various tests which are required to asses risk and impacts have not been performed. The testing of GM mustard is fraudulent, unscientific, inadequate and unreliable and the yield increase claims wrong and unverified”.

GM Mustard is in the middle of controversy for last two months.