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Current Price Trend of Coconut, Copra & Coconut Oil is Periodic

KOCHI: The price of coconut, copra & coconut oil have shown slight declining trend in the market. It is also reported that the peak harvest season in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for coconut is over and due to the onset of monsoon season, processing of coconut into milling copra has also declined in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. In spite of all these reasons the prices have shown a slight declining trend. There is no doubt that it is only a temporary phenomenal adjustment in price trend. Taking the advantage of the situation some big groups with vested interests has started procuring good quantity of copra aiming the coming festival season. The demand for coconut oil & copra will definitely increase during the coming festival season and market players are sure going to take advantages in their favour. In order to counteract for this sort of foul play, coconut Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) formed in major coconut growing areas have to be active and arrange primary processing and marketing of coconut & its products. It is the responsibility of FPOs in coconut sector to safeguard interest of their members who are predominantly small & marginal coconut farmers. This is possible only when the FPO’s are actively involved in collecting farmer’s produce and processing the same into copra and coconut oil. It is also advised that the FPO’s may keep the processed copra in the warehouse, till the prices reach the earlier level, which is expected within a couple of weeks.


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