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Department of Fertilizers monitors the production, movement and availability of Fertilizers in the country

New Delhi: To deal with the turbulent situation arising out of COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri  D V Sadananda Gowda, Mos Shri Mansukh Mandaviya and Secretary  Department of Fertilizers Shri Chhabilendra Raul are closely monitoring and reviewing the production and distribution activities of fertilizers in the country. The interventions at the highest level in Department are ensuring the required availability of fertilizers to the farmers across India. The real-time monitoring by the Department is being done to tide over any issue in the production and supply chain. There is complete coordination with various agencies at the Centre and the State/UT administration to ensure adequate Fertilizer availability.

Talking about the Government’s commitment to maintaining fertilizer supply to the farmers Shri Gowda today said in a tweet, “as of now availability position is comfortable”

Department of Fertilizers (DoF) has been taking up issues for intervention at the inter-ministerial level as and when required and also with States/ UTs for addressing operational constraints.

DoF has advised all the fertilizer companies to ensure the smooth movement of fertilizers from plants and ports and to provide the details of fertilizer rakes that were held up in States/ UTs due to lockdown. The unloading of held up rakes has been done through a concerted effort with the Ministry of Railways and respective State Agriculture departments. The intensive monitoring is going on an hourly and daily basis.

They have also been told to explore the possibility of additional storage of fertilizers in nearby plants.

DoF is coordinating with the Ministry of Shipping for priority berthing of  Fertilizers and also allow unloading and movement of fertilizers at ports.

State/   UTs   Agriculture Departments, Chief Secretaries of   States/   UTs have been requested to ensure continuous movement of fertilizers as an essential commodity. Ground-level coordination is being ensured by advising all fertilizer companies to establish close coordination with local administration for the smooth running of the logistic chain and avoid multiple rake despatches for single locations. It has been advised that all operations shall follow health hygiene and social distance protocols.

DoF has also taken all proactive steps in line with various directions issued by Govt. of India from time to time and accordingly suitable advisories have been issued to officers and staff of DoF and to PSUs under the administrative control of DoF to ensure social distancing, proper hygiene practices, sanitation etc. to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

A team of officials has been constituted to prepare clear road map regarding key reforms and other initiatives in order to restore growth in the medium to long term in the fertilizer sector and oversee implementation of the road map.

On the social responsibility side, an appeal was made by the  Minister for Chemical and Fertilizers to PSUs and Fertilizer Industries to donate from their CSR budgets to help in the steps to prevent the spread of the pandemic and to mitigate the adverse effects thereof. He specifically appealed to them to donate to the PM CARES fund that has been created by Government of India. So far, the various companies, including the PSUs, have donated close to Rs 45 crore to PM CARES fund.

An appeal has also been made to staff of DoF and to those of the staff of CPSEs under the administrative control of DoF to donate generously from their salaries to PM CARES fund.

Besides, The advisories issued by Health Ministry, Government of India regarding the preparedness of hospitals for treating COVID affected persons have been circulated to NFL and RCF, the two CPSUs under DoF that have their own hospitals.



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