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Development of Flood and Drought Resistant Seeds

NEW DELHI: The National Agricultural Research System (NARS) comprising Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and State Agricultural Universities has developed flood/drought tolerant crop varieties for different regions of the country. The details are given below.

Important flood and drought tolerant varieties/hybrids of different crops

Crop Varieties/hybrids
              Deep water/submergence/ water logging tolerance
Rice Swarna Sub-1, Sambha Mahsuri Sub-1, Varshadhan, Gayatri, Sarla, Pooja, Prateeksha, Durga, JalaMani, CR Dhan 505, CR Dhan 502, Jalnidhi, Neerja, Jaladhi 1, Jaladhi 2, Hemavathi
Maize HM-5, Seed Tech-2324, HM-10, PMH-2
Sugarcane Co 98014 (Karan-1), Co 0239, Co 0118, Co 0238, Co 0233,  Co 05009
Jute JRO 7835, JRO 878,  JRC 321, JRC 7447, JRC 532, JRC-517, Bidhan Pat-1
Drought tolerance
Rice Sahabhagi Dhan, Vandana, Anjali, Satyabhama, DRR Dhan 42 (IR64 Drt 1), DRR Dhan 43, Birsa Vikas Dhan 203, Birsa Vikas Dhan 111, Rajendra Bhagwati, Jaldi Dhan 6
Wheat PBW 527, HI 1531, HI 8627, HD 2888,  HPW 349, PBW 644, WH 1080, HD 3043, PBW 396,  K 9465, K 8962, MP 3288, HD 4672, NIAW 1415, HD 2987
Maize Pusa Hybrid Makka 1, HM 4, Pusa Hybrid Makka 5, DHM 121,  Buland,
Sorghum CSH 19 R, CSV 18, CSH 15R
Pearl Millet HHB 67 improved, GHB 757, GHB 719, Dhanshakti, HHB 234, Mandor Bajra Composite 2, HHB-226, RHB-177, Pusa Composite 443,
Barley RD 2660, K603
Chickpea Vijay, Vikas, RSG 14, RSG 888, ICCV 10, Pusa 362, Vijay
Groundnut Ajaya, Girnar 1, TAG-24, Kadiri 6, ICGV 91114
Soybean NRC 7, JS 95-60
Sugarcane Co 98014 (Karan-1), Co 0239, Co 0118, Co 0238, Co 06927, Co 0403, Co 86032
Cotton HD 324, CICR-1, Raj DH 7, Jawahar Tapti, Pratap Kapi,  Suraj, Surabhi, Veena, AK 235,
Jute JBO 1 (Sudhangsu), JRO 204, JRO 524, JRC 80


The seeds of flood/drought tolerant varieties of different crops are made available to the farmers in the area/state/region of recommendation. Besides, under technology demonstration component of National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture some of these varieties are also demonstrated to farmers in various flood/drought prone regions of the country.


This information was given by the Minister of State for Agriculture Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Balyan in Rajya Sabha on Friday.


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