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DuPont herbicide helps control over weeds in rice

ALLEPPEY, Kerala – DuPont in India has launched DuPont Segment herbicide to help farmers experience better rice harvests by protecting their rice crops against invading grasses, sedges and broad leaf weeds. The introduction of the new herbicide will improve rice productivity which is aligned to DuPont’s larger objective of improving food security.

DuPont Segment herbicide gives long-lasting control of tough sedges like purple nut grass, rice flat sedge and globe fringe rush apart from barnyard grasses and other broad weed leaves. With the broad spectrum of weeds that it controls, Segment™ provides growers convenience and ease of application in one-shot and is to be applied after weeds have emerged around direct-seeded or transplanted rice plants.

“Segment herbicide gives the farmer more confidence to control weeds, one of the toughest challenges in growing rice. Keeping the fields clean of weeds for a long period helps produce  healthy and robust crops that are likely to help growers experience better harvests.” said Ashu Kalra, Herbicide and Fungicide Portfolio Manager South Asia, DuPont Crop Protection.

Commenting on this, L.Giridharan, Director – Sales & Marketing South Asia, DuPont Crop Protection said, “This is another example of how DuPont is developing local crop protection solutions to meet Indian farmers’ changing needs and handle weeds that can reduce yield and overall productivity. Successful weed control and weed resistance management through strategic herbicide use are two steps that will help growers produce more to help meet the challenge of feeding our growing population.”

Segment™ belongs to the sulfonylurea class of herbicides. DuPont is the world’s first and leading producer of Sulfonylureas, which are low-dose, highly effective, more environment friendly products that have gained worldwide popularity among farmers. In India, DuPont has launched its first Sulfonylurea, Almix™ herbicide for the control of broad leaf weeds and sedges in rice, which is an important crop of India occupying 23.3% of gross cropped area of the country.  DuPont Crop Protection is committed to bringing world-class products with better safety profile and advance technology. The goal is to protect crops effectively while ensuring the safety of applicators.

DuPont has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials and services since 1802.


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