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E-market platform for sale of agri produces

NEW DELHI: Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC) has approved a Central Sector Scheme on ‘Promotion of National Agricultural Market through Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund (ATIF) for Rs.200 crores to be implemented during 2014-15 to 2016-17.

The scheme aims to create an appropriate e-market platform that would be deployable in wholesale regulated markets across States and Union Territories (UTs).

The platform will enable development of an alternative marketing channel, enhance transparency in auction process and number of buyers, resolve information asymmetry, improve market access by integrating warehouse based sales and will facilitate migration towards a barrier free National Market.

The scheme, would facilitate setting up of a competitive and transparent system, reduce the role of middlemen and unfair trade practices in the marketing of agricultural produce and thereby enable farmers to get better prices for their produce. Guidelines are yet to be formulated.

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