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Evolve Rapid Test for Detection of A2 type Cow Milk at the Farm Level

NEW DELHI: Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister,  Radha Mohan Singh on Tuesday here said that milk is an indispensible food for human beings from infancy to old age. There are innumerable health benefits accredited to milk and milk products. All over the world people fulfill approximately 13% of their protein requirements from milk and milk products. Since ancient times milk has been designated as an elixir for good health. In the recent years A1 and A2 type milk has emerged as one of the hot debating topic among the consumers worldwide. Studies suggest that milk from cows with A2 type are for healthier than their A1 counterparts.  Singh said that Milk from desi (indigenous) cows naturally contains A2 type milk protein. The indigenous breeds of cows produce A2 type milk protein which is known to protect us from various chronic health problems such as Cardio Vascular Diseases, Diabetes and neurological disorders besides providing several other health benefits.

Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare mentioned that there is need of hour to have separate procurement, processing & marketing of desi cow milk. Also, such milk must fetch premium price. This would not only help in improving rural economy but would also lead to development and conservation of our native cattle breeds. There is need to develop rapid test for detection of A2 type desi cow milk at the farm level. The Minister of Agriculture & Farmers welfare suggested that the schemes of the Government may be modified to encourage setting up of dairy units/milk plants for processing and marketing of desi cow milk.

The issue was discussed with higher officials from ICAR, DADF, NDDB and industry representatives.