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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Global Agri Connect 2016 held in New Delhi

New Delhi: National Skills Foundation of India (NSFI) in association with IARI organized the fifth edition of Global Agri Connect 2016 conference cum exhibition in New Delhi on Friday.

The three pillars of agriculture– precision agriculture, farm mechanization and information and communications technologies (ICT) in agriculture were presented at the conference. The technologies from extension to decision making tool, need for ICT’s evolution to be more relevant to end users was also deliberated upon.

In the technical session on farm mechanization and precision agriculture – solution to increased productivity and adaption to transforming agriculture was discussed. What works and what doesn’t: policies to promote development, promotion and adoption of precision and farm mechanization technologies were also discussed.

The conference brought together the stakeholders of Indian agriculture to deliberate on various dimensions of development and adoption of technologies and innovations with respect to their relevance, frugality and challenges.


India being a global agriculture, powerhouse faces multiple challenges to feed growing population. Though India is the world’s largest producer of milk, pulses and spices and has the world’s largest cattle herd as well as largest area under wheat, rice and cotton has low productivity.