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Govt. emphasizes on use of neem coated urea as fertilizer

NEW DELHI: Nitrogen-use efficiency in respect of plain urea ranges between 30-35% and the balance nitrogen is lost to volatilization and leaching. Government with a view to increase nitrogen-use efficiency, included neem coated urea, a slow release fertilizer, in the Fertilizer (Control) Order, 1985. Neem acts as a nitrification inhibitor and its coating over urea minimizes loss due to leaching, etc., by about 5%. However, the Department of Fertilizer had limited the production of neem coated urea up to 35% of total urea production.

In March 2015, the Department of Fertilizer (DOF) has made it mandatory for all the indigenous producers of urea to produce 75% of their production as neem coated urea (NCU). Accordingly, 70% of total supply of indigenously produced urea has been of neem coated urea in the month of May, 2015. Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture have also issued SMS, through m-Kisan portal to the registered farmers, advising them to give preference to neem coated urea over plain urea.

The DOF has made it mandatory vide its order No.12012/20/2007-FPP dated 25.05.2015 for all the indigenous manufactures to produce 100% of the production as neem coated urea. Hence, it is expected that 100% of total supply of indigenously produced urea will also be neem coated in the forthcoming months.

Nutrient use efficiency of neem coated urea is about 5-10% higher than that of plain urea and, therefore, its use will economize the quantity of urea required by crops. Besides, coating of neem oil will also reduce the leaching of nitrates into the ground water and thus, help in reducing its pollution.

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