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Haldiram revenue is more than Domino’s and Mc Donal’s combined

It is a great feat for Haldiram. If reports are to be believed, Haldiram’s revenue for 2013-14 stands at Rs3500 crore- more than the combined revenue of Domino’s Rs 1733 crore and McDonald’s Rs1390 crore.

A company started as a small shop at Biakner in 1937 and forayed into Delhi in 1982 has achieved huge success in a short span of time. They have won applauds for their great tasting food, standardized taste and for maintaining a high level of hygiene.

The company makes its presence felt all over India- there is Haldiram’s Manufacturing in North India, Haldiram’s Foods in West and South India and Haldiram’s Bhujjwal in East India.


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