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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Haryana recommends hike in MSP of various crops

CHANDIGARH: Haryana Agriculture Minister Om Prakash Dhankar , while elaborating his government’s effort to make agriculture profitable, said that his government had recommended to the central government 30 per cent increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP).

Speaking on the occasion of Deenabandhu Sir Chhotu Ram anniversary celebrations in Jind,  Dhankar he urged the farmers to adopt Israel’s drip irrigation technology to make maximum use of the water and ensure that adequate water in provided to the farms.

He also emphasised upon his government’s success to deliver water right up to 90 per cent tail ends. He further said  the state government is providing huge subsidy on this drip irrigation technology. Subsidy up to Rs 22 lakh would be given to farmers for the construction of ponds as water conservation measure.

The minister also stressed upon the need to change the concept of traditional cultivation and farmers should switch over to cash crops to meet the market demand.

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