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Horticultural Experiment Station Chettalli organizes ‘XI Parthenium Awareness Week’

CHETTALLI(KARNATAKA): The Central Horticultural Experiment Station, Chettalli organized the ‘XI Parthenium Awareness Week’ on Monday to make farmers and general public conscious about the hazardous effects of Parthenium. All the CHES, Chettalli staff members actively participated in the program.

Dr. I. N. Doreyappa Gowda, Head, CHES-Chettalli inaugurated the programme. He explained the hazardous effects of Parthenium in human beings and animals, deteriorating environment, loss of productivity and biodiversity. He also explained the different methods of management of Parthenium physically by uprooting of Parthenium before flowering and seed setting , biologically by releasing  mexican beetles, chemically by spraying herbicides, vermi composting by composting of uprooted biomass  and organic amendments   by soil incorporation etc.

Later all the CHES, staff visited different blocks of farm fields, quarters and uprooted the Parthenium plants, chaffed and incorporated in pits for vermi composting. Chemical spray was taken along the boundary and nearby roads.

Dr. Priti S. Sonavane, Scientist  concluded  the programme with vote of thanks.  Dr. Priti S. Sonavane, Scientist. Dr. Chandrashekara, C.,  K. V. Varadaraju, Techinical Officer  and  G. M. Prashanthkumar, Sr. Technical Assistant CHES, Chettalli co-ordinated the programme. More than 60 CHES, Chettalli staff members took part in the programme.