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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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ICAR DG emphasizes on safety and quality of meat

HYDERABAD: Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Director General, ICAR and Secretary, DARE visited ICAR-National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad on Friday.

Dr. Mohapatra, in his address, emphasized on  the need of  research in the frontier areas of animal/meat science viz, developing chip based diagnostic methods for meat borne zoonotic diseases; meat quality differences between diseased vs. healthy animals at RNA/Proteome level; enzyme intervention to modify collagen cross-linking and enhance the meat quality. He lauded the research efforts of the Centre in the area of meat species identification, identification of peptide biomarkers, residue analysis, organic meat production which are of great importance to ensure the safety and quality of meat.

Dr. Mohapatra visited different laboratories, experimental abattoir, meat processing plant and other facilities at the Centre. He also visited the meat processing facility and appreciated the Institute’s efforts to popularize value addition through “Meat on Wheels”. He suggested to popularize the technologies through small-scale entrepreneurs and demonstrate the success stories.

Earlier, Dr. V.V. Kulkarni, Director, NRC on Meat briefed about the major activities of the Institute.