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Initiatives During Last 18 Months for Development of Agriculture

NEW DELHI:The Government has taken a number of initiatives during last 18 months for development of Agriculture sector and welfare of farmers. Briefing about these initiatives here on Friday ,Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister,  Radha Mohan Singh said that promotion of Soil Health Card Scheme, creating more irrigation resources under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana and linking Agriculture mandis to common platform will be focus of activities of his ministry.

Following are the sector wise achievements as briefed by the Minister:

 Department of Agriculture and Cooperation

 Increase in productivity will eradicate poverty of farmers. Our production is only half In comparison to worldwide production per hectare. Productivity and production could not be improved till the quality of land improves. Therefore, it is decided to provide Soil Health Card to 14 crore farmers of the country and this programme has been started.  5 crore farmers to be provided Soil Heath Card in 2015-16 and to remaining farmers in 2016-17. The Soil Health Card Scheme was inaugurated by the Hon¡¯ble Prime Minister in February 2015. For this, Rs. 109 crore have been released till December 2015. No Government in the past has released money under this head. Rs. 568 crore have been sanctioned for providing Soil Health Cards to all the farmers. In the years 2014-15 and 2015-16, Modi Government has sanctioned 79 and 101 Soil Health Laboratories as against only 43 such labs in the past four years. Similarly, 77 mobile Soil Testing Labs have been sanction in the present regime as against only 17 in the past regime. Under soil health management Rs. 288 crore have been sanctioned as against only 72 crore in the past.

There Was no scheme to promote organic farming.  New Scheme called Parampragat Krishi Vikas Yojana started in 2015-16 in allocated of Rs. 300 crore. So far 8000 cluster have been farmed.

Joint liability groups for landless labours were only 6.72 lakh during 2005-14. There have been 7.2 lakh group formation in 2014-15.

New Scheme called Prime Minister Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY) launched with an allocation of Rs. 5300 crore for the present year with an objective to provide water to every farm.  Officers have been trained to prepare district irrigation plan. 100 districts irrigation plan should be ready by 31st March, 2016 and remaining districts by the next year. Prime Minister has launched the scheme to provide permanent solution to the problem of drought. Under water management, there is 40% increase in investment just one year in comparison to last year. Micro irrigation and water conservation are the thrust areas under this scheme.

National Agriculture Market Scheme (NAM) launched to connect mandis across the entire country.  More than 20 states have expressed interest in linking their mandis with this project. Electrical portal will be launched by March, 2016, first 200 mandis will be connected by September, 2016 another 200 mandis by March, 2017 and remaining 187 mandis by Mach, 2018. Till 31st December 2015, proposals of 214 mandis from 8 states have been sanctioned @ 111.16 crores.

Modi government has changed the norms for compensation to the disaster affected farmers from minimum affected area from 50% to now 30%. Further, the compensation has been increased to 1.5 times.

During the congress region, government used to not purchase grain spoiled due to hailstorm. Modi government has provided full support price to such cereals. This has been a historic decision.

Four crops added in National Food Security Mission (NFSM) taking to figure seven.  District increase from 486 to 627 in the last two years.

Sanctioned post of extension workers increased from 18000 to 26000.

Pesticides registration has increased by 5 times to 51594 registration in 2014-15.

Rs. 10 cr sanctioned for honey bee development. This is in contrast to 4 cr sanction in the last 4 year. Increase in honey production from 72000 MT in preceding five year to 81000 MT in the present year.

Rs. 8,50,000 crore will be provided to the farmers through the bank so that the farmer should not go to doors of moneylenders. Rs. 534151 cr agriculture credit advanced to the farmers in 2014-15 and Rs. 603186 crore in 2015-16 (till December). Achieving an increase of 23 % & 30% increase.

Neem Coated Urea is being distributed and steps have been initiated against black marketing of urea. Due to this effort, black marketing of urea stopped and  production improved despite using less urea.


 Two National Kamdhenu Breeding Centres opened in the country, one in the North and one in the South.

National Gokul Mission started for development and conservation of indigenous cattle breeds. Rs. 550 cr sanctioned in 2014-15 (till December) as against only Rs. 45 cr in 2013-14.

Blue Revolution initiated to increase fisheries production. Production increased to 150 lakh tonnes this year as against 95.72 lakh tonnes in the last year.

Coverage under National Livestock Mission (NLM) extended to entire country. 19 lakh Animal insured in present region as against 10.88 lakh in last year (2013-14).  Similarly, only 300 districts were covered in 2013-14 and this has been taken up to 676 districts in 2014-15.

Increase in an average price paid to the dairy farmers from Rs. 28.96 per liter to Rs. 32.72 per liter.

Significant increase in milk production in 2014-15 and 2015-16 has against 2013-14.

More than 1.5 time increase in animal vaccination has been achieved in Modi region during 2014-15.

Drastic reduction in foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks from 377 such cases in 2013-14 to 238 in 2014-15 and only 46 in 2015-16. (till December).

.5 times increase in number of veterinary graduates.

Increase in seats in veterinary colleges by 1.5 times from 914 prior to September, 2014 to 1332 in 2014-15.


More than 40 times increase in allocation to agriculture education. Central Agriculture University Imphal to have 13 colleges in stead of existing 7 in north eastern region.

Four new colleges in Bundelkhand under Rani Laxmi Bai Central Agriculture University.

Rs. 3099 cr sanctioned for remodeling of KVKs and agriculture extension.

60000 hectare area covered under demonstration to bring focus on increasing  production of pulses and oil seeds. Further, more than 60 per cent increase in the development of crops species in comparison to 2013.

More than twice increase in agriculture machinery in comparison to 2013. This would help to labour, cost and time in agriculture.

Contingency plans made to fight against drought, flood, hailstorm, cyclone, etc. for all the district in 2015 and it is new scheme started in 600 districts.

New Research centres opened in Jharkhand and Motihari on the lines of Pusa, New Delhi.

Eight new agricultural universities opened in several states to give thresh to the agriculture education.

Recorded 41 % increase in admissions in state agriculture university in comparison to 2013.

50 % increase in learning units in agriculture universities.

New schemes such as Mera Gaon Mera Garav, Mission 2050, Farmers First, Student Ready started in 2015.

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