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K. Chidambaram memorial Award for CIFT Scientists

CHENNAI: For their significant contribution in development of value added fisheries products, a team of scientists of Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Cochin bagged the K. Chidambaram Memorial Award-2015 on Saturday at Chennai.

The team of scientists comprised of Dr. Suseela Mathew,  Dr. A.A.Zynudheen, Dr. R Anandan, Dr. George Ninan, principal scientists, Dr. K.K. Asha, senior scientist and Dr. N.S. Chatterjee, scientists from the Biochemistry & Nutrition and the Fish Processing Divisions of CIFT. The award has been instituted by the Fisheries Techno crafts’ Forum, Chennai.

The team did extensive work towards development of processes, methodologies and products of nutritional and health significance from marine sources. The concept of wealth from waste has been the focus of research and several bioactive compounds extracted and characterized are now in use in the form of tried and tested technologies.

The team have also developed analytical methodologies for quality control of fish and fisheries products. PUFA soft gelatine capsules, an enriched sources of heart healthy omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid from sardine oil and collagen and chitosan from fish processing discards, having successful application in dental industry were developed and commercialized. Collagen and chitosan hydrogel  and hand sanitizer created in combination with wound healing and antimicrobial constituents respectively show great promise as commercial products.

Nutritional and health benefits of fish and its constituents like shark liver oil, PUFA, taurine, squalene, chitosan, chitosan derivatives have been well established through rigorous animal experients. Advisories in this regard are issued regularly and the finding are communicated to leading journals.