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More than 11K stockholders nation-wide declare availability of 3097694.42 MT pulses

New Delhi, Oct 1: Over 11,000 stockholders in the country have declared the availability of 3097694.42 MT of pulses with them in a national portal that seeks to eliminate hoarding and artificial scarcity in the market.

According to available data, about 11,635 stockholders have registered in https://fcainfoweb.nic.in/psp , the Department of Consumer Affairs maintained website. The Department is mandated to monitor the wholesale prices of 22 essential food commodities.

“Stock declaration through traders, millers, importers and warehouses which are both public and privately owned will create a data bank. This will enable the government to understand which are the states that produce and stock for milling purposes. It will also help to keep a check on undesirable practices of hoarding and artificial scarcity creation through stock declaration and real-time verification of the same,” said a government statement.

The data available in the portal can be accessed both by the Central and the state governments. This will help them monitor the movement of the pulses and the quantum available state-wise on a real-time basis. The state government can also pre-empt shortfall and act accordingly.

As far as the Department of the Consumer Affairs is concerned, it can monitor the situation at the national level to ensure availability of stock throughout the year through imports or restricting exports or release the stocks through the central buffer depending on the situation, the government statement said.

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