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Nationwide lock-down: Govt exempts farmers and farm laborers to work

New Delhi: The government has relaxed curfew for agriculture-related operations from a national lockdown currently in force to contain the Covid 19 pandemic. It will help start agriculture and allied activities.

The government has added one more amendment to its original notification for a nationwide notification. Agriculture and activities related to farming have now been included in the list of essential activities exempt from the lockdown.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced lockdown across India on March 24 Tuesday with a complete halt of all public transports including flights, trains, and interstate buses. The lockdown came into effect the next day with only essential services allowed to operate.

This had severely jeopardized agriculture, which employs nearly half of the people in the country. Crores of farmers forcefully stopped their sowing and harvesting activities, thereby adversely affecting rural incomes.

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