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Saturday, December 09, 2023
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New Holland Agriculture Unveils Powerful Tractor in India

Mumbai: New Holland Agriculture has delivered the first 230-hp tractor in India to Antony Lara Enviro Solution Pvt Ltd recently. The T7070, from the New Holland exclusive Blue Power range, will be part of a project in Greater Mumbai which aims to cut the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by improving solid waste treatment. The T7070 will operate a compost windrow turner, a large machine which aerates biodegradable waste.

Antony Lara is a waste management company, currently working on the project for processing and disposal of 4,000 tons of waste per day for a period of 25 years. Antony Lara has developed a scientific and economical method for handling the solid waste and to generate energy in parallel.

This solid waste management project will reduce direct dumping of solid waste in the dumping grounds and in turn the emission of greenhouse gases. It will also enable production of by-products which can be used for power generation and heat recovery, horticulture or farming, thereby promoting sustainable waste management in the city.

The T7070 tractor is powered by an FPT Industrial NEF engine and features New Holland’s Auto Command transmission, both designed for high efficiency and productivity.

The tractor’s task, operating the large compost windrow turner, requires high PTO power. The T7070’s ‘Engine Power Management’ feature will play a key role in meeting this. EPM measures the load placed on the driveline, especially during PTO work, and increases engine power when necessary to meet user demand. This technology allows the T7070’s output to be increased by up to 27 hp, to more than 250 hp.

The infinite working speeds of the T7070’s Auto CommandTM transmission are ideal for the requirements of the aeration process. The transmission’s special PTO mode (there are also Auto, Cruise and Manual modes) ensures that engine and transmission always work harmoniously together for optimum efficiency.

All the tractor’s working parameters can be monitored by the operator on the touchscreen IntelliViewTM IV display. The tractor also features a spacious, air conditioned cabin with best-in-class operator comfort for long working hours.