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Oilmeals export in Sept dip 36% over last year

 Mumbai, Oct 19: Export of oilmeals, used a feed in the poultry industry, declined by 36 per
cent in September, reflecting the crisis faced by the poultry units during mid-2021 due to
shortage of soybean meal and rising input costs.

Oilmeals exported during the month stood at 1,83,625 tons as compared to 2,87,247 tones
exported in the same period last year, the Solvent Extractors’ Association of India said in a

The overall export of oilmeals between April and September stood at 1,275,764 tons as
against 1,300,516, a dip of 2 per cent over last year.

There is unlikely to be any improvement in the export figures in the near term because
“India is outpriced” for its export till the arrival of new crops in October/November, the
association said.

The poultry industry was intimidated by high input costs during the middle of this year
because of the shortage of raw materials for feed production, pushing up the retail prices of

poultry products. The government, thereafter, stepped in and allowed the import of GM
soybean meals to ease the price rise and address the raw material shortage in the country.

Data compiled by the association said, export of rapeseed meal between April and
September remained more or less the same, though marginally down, due to higher
shipment to South Korea, Thailand and Bangladesh. Export of castor meal also remained the

same as compared to last year.
South Korea, between April and September, imported 337,939 tons of oilmeals, which
consisted of 220,194 tons of rapeseed meal, 102,364 tons of castor seed meal and 15,381
tons of soybean meal.

Among the major ports, Kandla registered the highest export of oilmeals at 312, 081 tons,
followed by Mumbai (JNPT) at 79,779 tons.

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