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Organic Tea Farming

New Delhi: The Tea Board has accorded due priority under the Tea Development & Promotion Scheme (TD&PS) for the promotion and development of organic tea farming in the country.  The activity along with assistance provided are given below:

S.No. Activity Assistance
1. Organic Certification (Plantation) 50% of cost of certification including renewals with ceiling of Rs.2.00 lakhs per certificate.
2. Organic certification (Factory) 50% of cost of certificate with ceiling of Rs.2.00 Lakhs per factory per financial year.
3. Organic Conversion Rs.2.00 lakhs per ha for small tea growers

Source:  Tea Board

The soil and climate of the North Eastern Region, particularly the State of Assam, is well suited for growing tea. The state-wise details of organic cultivation in the North Eastern States is as under:

Sl no States Number of Organic Tea Gardens and Small Holdings Area of Holdings (Hectare)
1 Assam 45 3439.87
2 Mizoram 3 74.00
3 Nagaland 3 67.90
4 Tripura 15 93.56
5 Meghalaya 3 62.47
  Total 69 3737.80

Source:  Tea Board

Tea Board is providing financial assistance for the promotion of organic tea under the Tea Development & Promotion Scheme.  Financial assistance of Rs.2.00 Lakh per ha. is provided to the small tea growers for conversion to organic farming. The State wise details during the last 3 years is given below:

Financial assistance under scheme TD&PS
State Year Activity Physical Financial

(Rs. In Lakhs)

Assam 2016-17 Replanting in organic gardens 1 Garden* 1.02
Orthodox subsidy to organic gardens 3 Gardens 7.44
2017-18 Replanting in organic gardens 3.17 ha 4.71
Orthodox subsidy to organic gardens 5 Gardens 17.33
2018-19 Replanting in organic garden 17.04 ha 47.68
Orthodox subsidy to organic gardens 2 Gardens 9.41
Setting up organic mini tea factory 1 Factory 11.73
Setting up organic big tea factory 1 Factory 143.56
Promotional event for organic tea garden 1 Event 0.50
Organic Self Help Group (SHG) (22 members) 1 SHG 7.25
Tripura 2018-19 Organic Certification 1 Garden 0.08
Total 250.70
Registration / certificates issued under Control Order
Assam 2016-17 Setting up organic big tea factory 1 Factory Registration issued
Meghalaya 2018-19 Setting up organic mini tea factory 1 Factory Certificate issued
                                                                        Total = 2

*2nd installment.

Source:  Tea Board

This information was given by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.

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