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Saturday, April 01, 2023
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PAU organizes NAAS series lecture by Dr J.V. Yakhmi

Ludhiana: The Ludhiana Chapter of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences( NAAS) organized a lecture on ‘Self Propelled Active Living Matter’ by  renowned scientist, Dr Jatinder Vir Yakhmi, Former Associate Director of Physics (BARC), Former Advisor to the Chairman, AEC and former Chairman of the Basic Sciences Committee of BRNS, DAE today at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Dr Yakhmi hails from Khanna and holds a patent on artificial heart.


While elaborating on the complexity of the origin of life through the basic elements namely, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sodium and there combination to form complex amino acids and proteins, Dr Yakhmi brilliantly dwelled on how laboratories world over are working tirelessly to mimic the self organization, movement and evolution found in nature. Through examples from the living world, he discussed research and trials on development of artificial muscles for movement, bionic and magnetic devices that can be linked to brain and heart signals, simulation of lung surfactant films, synthetic materials with homeostatic abilities and creation of an entire living organ grown from lab created cells. “ With capabilities of self organization, self repair and self replication, nature’s assembly doesn’t make a mistake and this is the difference between man and nature”, closed Dr Yakhmi, while sharing that the frontiers of science are just beginning to warm up to the unlimited frontiers, yet to be discovered.


Befittingly describing Dr Yakhmi’s lecture as mind boggling, PAU Vice Chancellor and Padam Shri Awardee, Dr B.S. Dhillon, applauded the scientist for his vast knowledge of interdisciplinary sciences incorporating physics, chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology that enriched the scientists of PAU.


Earlier Dr BN Bambi, National Professor introduced the speaker, while Dr Dhillon accorded him a floral welcome.  The programme was conducted by Dr P.K. Chhuneja, head, Department of Entomology. In the end, Dr S.S. Kukal, Dean, College of Agriculture proposed the vote of thanks.