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Monday, November 29, 2021
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PM dedicates 35 climate resilient crop varieties to the nation

New Delhi, Sept 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday dedicated to the nation 35 climate-resilient and nutrient-rich crop varieties and said that efforts are underway to take the farmers gradually from crop-based income system and encourage them for value-addition and towards other farming options.

The crop varieties have been developed by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research, that includes a drought-tolerant variety of chickpea, wilt and sterility mosaic resistant pigeonpea and early maturing variety of soybean.

Some of these crops also address the anti-nutritional factors found in some crops that adversely affect human and animal health, the government statement said.

Dedicating the crops at a virtual event attended by farmers from across the country, agriculture research institutes and centres, Modi said, ”Our focus is very high on more nutritious seeds, adapted to new conditions, especially in changing climates,”.

The PM made a strong pitch for an alliance between science, government and society to tackle challenges such as climate change, new types of pests, new diseases and epidemics.

He said 11 crores soil health cards were issued for the protection of the farmland as he listed the farmer-friendly initiatives that include about 100 pending irrigation and providing new varieties of seeds to farmers to protect crops from diseases thus getting a higher yield.

Modi dedicated to the nation the newly constructed campus of the National Institute of Biotic Stress Management Raipur, interacted with the farmers and distributed the Green Campus Award to Agricultural Universities.