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Police foil farmers’ rally in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Thousands of farmers who had come to attend a rally convened by Navnirman Krushak Sangathan (NKS) were detained by police and were released later. It is for the second time farmers were prevented holding demonstration in Bhubaneswar.

The Sangathan had sought permission to hold a rally at lower PMG Square in the state capital. Fearing massive support and congregation of farmers in Bhubaneswar, the state government ordered arrest of farmers from bus stands and railway stations.

Accusing the state government for betraying farmers, Akshya Kumar, NKS leader said, “BJD has to face serious consequence for its anti-farmer policy. We will call for an economic blockade since tomorrow. We will not allow vegetables, fishes and eggs to Bhubaneswar.”

The farmers including their leader Kumar were released on personal bond later.

“We have not done anything wrong. Why the police is arresting us? Government’s Kalia scheme is an eyewash before election,” rued a farmer.

More than ten thousand farmers were coming to the state capital to join in the protest march. They have been demanding better price of the farm produce.

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