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Promoting judicious use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

NEW DELHI: Government is promoting safe and judicious use of pesticides through Central Integrated Pest Management Centres situated in different parts of the country. Farmer’s field Schools are conducted to create awareness on Integrated Pest Management strategies. State Governments and stakeholders are being exhorted to support a ‘Grow Safe Food’ campaign centred around five essential principles of judicious use-application of pesticides on the right crop, against pests for which the pesticide has been approved, at the right time, in approved doses, and as per approved method of application through training and media campaigns in Gram Panchayats and rural areas. Advisories have been sent to pesticides dealers to educate them on judicious use of pesticides in accordance with label instructions.

Government is promoting and recommending soil test based balanced and integrated nutrient management through conjunctive use of both inorganic and organic sources of plant nutrient management to sustain good soil health and higher crop productivity.

Under soil health management (SHM) component of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA), financial assistance for training to farmers including field demonstrations on balanced use of fertilizers is provided @ Rs.10,000 per training for 20 or more participants. Financial assistance for frontline field demonstrations is also provided @ Rs.20,000 for frontline field demonstrations.

Under National Mission of Sustainable Agriculture, there is a provision of financial assistance under Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme (CISS) through NABARD for establishment of bio-fertilizer/bio pesticides production units (200 TPA) in which 100 percent assistance is provided to State Government up to a maximum limit of Rs.160 lakh per unit and @ 25 percent cost limited to Rs.40 lakh to individuals/private agencies.

There is no scientific evidence that about 75 percent of the cultivable land in the country has been adversely affected by excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and has high level of toxins. However, indiscriminate and imbalanced use of fertilizers coupled with low addition of organic matter over years may result into multi nutrient removal is greater than the addition.


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