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Friday, March 01, 2024
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Sikkim withdraws MSRP of horticulture produce

GANGTOK :The state government abjures the notification of farm gate procurement rate and Maximum Selling Retail Price  (MSRP) on all organic food items. With the announcement, the farmers are free to sell the vegetables on the basis of rate of demand and supply.

In a meet, Horticulture Secretary, Khorlo bhutia  stressed that , from now onwards  market forces of demand and  supply will determine the prices and farmers are free to sell their  vegetables at the rates of  their own choice. The meet was also attended by SIMFED managing director Pawan Awasthy  and horticulture director D.k Bhandari

The move was taken on the backdrop of strict regulations undertaken by the government to monitor the MSRP , but it was met with protest from the farmers across the state , demanding to be allowed to sell their vegetables at the rates of their choice.

SIMFED managing director Pawan Awasthy emphasized that the primary reason for this notification is to protect the market form the intermediaries who has been spoiling the market with high price.Commenting upon if the consumers will suffer because of non regulation, Mr. Awasthy said  that the rates will  vary only on the basis of availability of the products.

Further the officials highlighted that that the SIMFED and Horticulture department is not obliged to buy any vegetables from the farmers, and market is open to all the farmers.

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