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Steps taken to prevent damage to foodgrains in FCI godowns

The following steps were taken by the Government to avoid the damage due to various reasons including Pests/rodents in storage of foodgrains:


  1. All godowns are constructed on scientific lines to make them rodent proof by having proper height and damp proof by providing pucca floor plinth.
  2. Foodgrains are stored by adopting proper scientific code of storage practices.
  3. Adequate dunnage materials such as wooden crates, bamboo mats, polythene sheets are used to check migration of moisture from the floor to the foodgrains.
  4. Fumigation covers, nylon ropes, nets and insecticides for control of stored grain insect pests are provided in all the godowns.
  5. Prophylactic (spraying of insecticides) and curative treatments (fumigation) are carried out regularly and timely in godowns for the control of stored grain insect pests.
  6. Effective rat control measures, both in covered godowns as well as in CAP storage are used.
  7. Foodgrains in ‘Cover and Plinth’ (CAP) storage are stored on elevated plinths and wooden crates are used as dunnage material. Stacks are properly covered with specifically fabricated low-density black polythene water -proof covers and tied with nylon ropes/nets.
  8. Regular periodic inspections of the stocks/godowns are undertaken by qualified and trained staff and all senior officers. The health of the foodgrains is monitored at regular intervals by a system of checks and super checks at different levels. Following Checks and Super checks are conducted in the godowns by FCI to ensure proper preservation of foodgrains in the storage.


  • Fortnightly inspection of stocks on 100% basis by Technical Assistant
  • Monthly inspection by Manager (QC)
  • Quarterly inspection by AGM (QC)
  • Super Checks by Regional, Zonal and FCI Hqrs Squads.


9. The principle of “First in First Out” (FIFO) is followed to the extent possible so as to avoid longer storage of foodgrains in godowns.


10. Only covered rail wagons are used for movement of foodgrains so as to avoid damage during transit.


11. Damage Monitoring Cells have been set up at District, Regional and Zonal levels to regularly monitor quality of stocks and reduce damages.



This information was given by the Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, C.R. Chaudhary in Rajya Sabha.