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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Students of Agri University Hisar develop e-tractor, 80 kms in single charge

Hisar, Oct 29: Students of Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University at

Hisar in Haryana have developed an e-tractor at a time when pollution and high fuel prices are driving the consumers seemingly towards clean energy.

The e-tractor, which could bring a new dimension to the Agri industry, is powered by a 16.2 kW battery and can cover 80 km with a single charge even when attached to a 1.5-tonne trolley.

“The objective is to mitigate pollution and offer an alternative to the farmers because of rising fuel prices. Besides, fossil fuel will not last long,” university vice-chancellor Prof B K Kamboj told India Today.

The e-tractor can touch a maximum speed of 23 kmph, but the unit fetches a high price than the convention tractors available in the market today.

Mukesh Jain, who is a scientist at the university, however, remained optimistic about prices coming down significantly when the tractors go for mass production. “We are also carrying out research in the university to bring down the price of the batteries,” he said.

At present, the e-tractor costs around Rs 6 lakh but the university is hopeful of bringing down the price to about Rs 4 lakh, he said.

Conventional tractors produced by private manufacturers fetch anywhere between Rs 5.50-6.50 lakh.

If indeed, the university manages to roll out its e-tractor at Rs 4 lakh, it could bring a major disruption in the tractor sector.

The development has come at a time when the government is laying enhanced focus on e-vehicles through policy commitments and incentives that also encourages global manufacturers to set up a base in India.

Last year, a private firm Sonalika had introduced its e-tractors in the Indian market. Several other tractors firms are eying the e-tractor space as well.

According to an estimate, during 2020-21, about 9 lakh tractors were sold in India, with the Mahindra Group registering a sales figure of 3.43 lakh units.