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Sufficient sugar stock in India to meet the domestic consumption

NEW DELHI: During the current Sugar Season 2015-16, India had started with a carryover stock of 9 million MT of sugar. The production of sugar has been estimated at about 25.3 million MT in the current sugar season. While the domestic consumption is estimated at about 25.5 million MT and exports being low at about 1.5 million MT, the stock position at the close of the current sugar season (Sept. 2016) will stand at 7.3 million MT which will be carried forward for the next sugar season 2016-17. As such, notwithstanding any shortfall in sugar production during 2016-17 sugar season (estimated 23 – 24 million MT), the total availability in India (30 – 31 million MT) would be sufficient to meet the domestic consumption. There is therefore likely to be no shortage of domestically produced sugar in India.