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Trimble showcases Laser Land Leveller for Chhattisgarh farmers

Raipur: Global Precision Agriculture leader Trimble Inc.  recently showcased its Laser Land Leveller to local farmers and government officials at agriculture technology exhibition SMART FARM TECH 2019 in Raipur. Trimble’s Laser Land Leveller is a high-precision laser-based land levelling system that helps farmers level their farmland in order to prevent wastage of water. The tool provides automatic machine control of agriculture implements such as scrapers and drainage machines and ensures uniform distribution of water in field as well as reduction in time and water required for irrigation.


According to experiments conducted at S.V. Patel Agricultural University, Meerut, published in African Journal of Agricultural Research, the use of Laser Land Leveller resulted in a higher yield of rice and sugarcane by 7-8% and 12-13% respectively. The tool also resulted in water savings of 20-30%. Further, the use of Laser Land Leveller also reduced time required to level land and saved fuel consumption of tractors by up to 24%.


Trimble’s tool is particularly useful for Chhattisgarh’s farmers who are dealing with declining water table. As per a study in 2015-16, 14 of the 24 states analysed scored below 50% on water management and have been classified as “low performers”, including Chattisgarh which scored at 49%.


Talking about the capabilities and offerings from Trimble for improving efficiency in resource-utilisation, crop yields and promoting scientific farming, Mr. Subhash Pattnaik, Regional Head, Trimble Agriculture said,  “With the government increasing its MSP budget for Paddy farming, the cost of irrigation may significantly go up for farmers who are growing such water intensive crop like Paddy and Rice. However, the use of Precision technology such as Laser Land Levellers by farmers can lower water consumption by 20-30% and tractor fuel consumption by up to 24%, making their harvest more profitable.”


Mr. Rajan Aiyer, Managing Director, Trimble India and SAARC region, said, “Precision technologies are key enablers of Precision Agriculture and we believe their adoption can significantly improve farm productivity and profitability. We also believe Precision Agriculture can play a significant role in the evolution of Indian agriculture economy and boost farmer incomes while reducing their expenses, in line with Prime Minister’s vision for boosting India’s agriculture productivity and doubling of farmers’ incomes.”


The Laser Land Leveller was demonstrated during the Smart Farm Tech 2019 event in Raipur. It is also commercially available for purchase in markets across India through Trimble’s authorized dealers like SPL Technology, Delhi. It would prove to be a useful investment for farmers, agricultural companies and agricultural research institutes.


About Trimble’s Agriculture Division 

Trimble’s Agriculture Division provides solutions that solve complex technology challenges across the entire agricultural landscape. The solutions enable farmers and advisors to allocate scarce resources to produce a safe, reliable food supply in a profitable and environmentally sustainable manner. Covering all seasons, crops, terrains and farm sizes, Trimble solutions can be used on most equipment on the farm, regardless of manufacturer and production year. The acquisition of Müller-Elektronik, a German company specializing in implement control and precision farming solutions, extends Trimble’s precision agriculture capabilities from the vehicle to the implement. To enable better decision making, Trimble offers technology integration that allows farmers to collect, share, and manage information across their farm, while providing improved operating efficiencies in the agricultural value chain. Trimble solutions include guidance and steering; grade control, leveling and drainage; flow and application control; irrigation; harvest solutions; desktop and cloud-based data management; and correction services.




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