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Veraval RC of ICAR-CIFT Celebrates World Environment Day

With the motto of connecting people to nature, the Veraval Research center of ICAR-CIFT organised a programme to celebrate the World Environment Day on 5th June, 2017.


Jagdish Bhai Fofandi, President, Veraval-Patan Joint Municipality was the Chief Guest for the programme which began with ICAR song. He administered the oath of keeping environment clean and being responsible for the environment to all the staffs of ICAR-CIFT and ICAR-CMFRI. In his address he mentioned that it is our responsibility to hand over the planet to the next generation in the way we got it and we have no right to deplete it or utilize it indiscriminately.


Later, Dr. Ashish Kumar Jha, Scientist in-charge of the Centre in his address said that the world is facing so many challenges due to climate change and global warming and few countries are on the verge of extinction, and there is an urgent need to save the earth to save the humanity. He also emphasized the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message in which the PM said that the theme of this year’s environment day ‘Connecting People to Nature’ actually means getting connected with ourselves.


The inaugural function concluded with the address of Dr. D. Divu, Scientist In-charge of Veraval Regional Station of ICAR-CMFRI who delineated about the challenges world is facing due to climate change and global warming. After inaugural function the staffs along with the Chief Guest planted tree saplings outside the office premises and finally the staff of ICAR-CIFT and ICAR-CMFRI jointly went for a march to create awareness towards environment protection among the people.