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We can increase the income of the primary producers/fishermen by creating efficient value chain in fisheries sector

  1. What is the overall scenario of fisheries and aquaculture industry in India?

India is one of the five leading fish producing countries in the world. The fisheries sector is growing at a rate of 6% per annum. If we have to continue the grow rate, we have to increase aquaculture production. Because the marine capture has been stagnated due to over fishing and climate change. Interestingly, some of the states are doing very good in aquaculture sector.

  1. How critical value addition for fisheries sector?

Ans: There is hardly any development is fisheries value chain in India. There has to be proper strategy and planning for enhancing value addition in fisheries sector. Value addition is required to manage over production and increase the income of the primary producers/fishermen. I believe with the formation of a separate ministry, the fisheries sector will get a boost.

  1. Is there any meaningful dialogue happening consistently regarding fisheries sector? How is SMART AGRIPOST different from others?

Ans: Certainly, there are several conferences and seminars happening regarding the fisheries sector across the country. But this is a first of its kind initiative by SMART AGRIPOST in the country. We call it a national growth dialogue on fisheries and aquaculture. Our aim is to create a quality platform to connect all key stakeholders and deliberate on important issues. The first dialogue was started in association with CIFE, Mumbai. People had freely expressed their opinions on issues related to increasing production, addressing residue and traceability problems, increasing domestic market share, access to China market, creating market linkage for fishermen..etc. We will continue such dialogues across regions like Vijayawada, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Kochi. It will help policy makers to understand issues and find solutions.

  1. Who can participate in this dialogue? How can the industries working in fisheries and aquaculture contribute in this endeavor?

Ans: We invite all stakeholders including fishers/primary producers, processors, exporters, technology solution providers, aqua feed manufactures, aqua health care companies and all other stakeholders. We try to include as many voices as possible, starting from primary producers to end users. You have rightly asked about the industries. Many of the industry representatives who had participated in Mumbai conference had a very positive experience. They appreciated the efforts of SMART AGRIPOST. It was need of the hour to have an intensive dialogue among stakeholders in the background of government’s commitment about the growth of the fisheries and aquaculture sector in the country.  It is the right time to have a right policy framework to spur the growth of the industry.