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Wholesale price index cools down; deflationary trend observed in some food articles

New Delhi, Oct 14: The wholesale price-based inflation in the country has cooled down to 10.66 per cent in September from 11.39 per cent during the previous month, following the decline in prices of both food and non-food articles along with prices of petroleum products, said the government in a statement on Thursday.

The provisional data showed that food inflation also came down to 1.14 per cent from 3.43 per cent in August. In July it was 4.52 per cent.

Overall, the manufacturing products contributed the most to the inflationary pressure at 64 per cent, despite the decline on a month-to-month basis. The food items registered a burden of 24.4 per cent on the inflationary trend, the statement said.

The Food Index consisted of food articles’ from primary articles group and food products from manufactured products groups.

Food articles, in fact, entered the deflation zone, registering a fall of 4.69 per cent from a high of 8.37 per cent during the same period last year. The fall was led by the easing of potato prices by up to 48.95 per cent and 32.45 per cent in the case of vegetables. Prices of onion, likewise, fell by 1.91 per cent and fruits by 1.27 per cent.

Prices of egg, meat and fish, however, went up by around 5.18 per cent as compared to 4.15 per cent during the corresponding period last year.

Some of the other items witnessing higher prices were cereals (1.21 per cent) and wheat (4.47 per cent).

The exception was the prices of oilseeds which went up by over 50 per cent, the government data said.

The government had to step in towards the middle of this year with a series of policy interventions including a cut in duty rates in imports to cool down the prices.


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