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Workshop on fabrication & installation of cage for marine finfish

PURI: The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Field Center Puri organized a training cum workshop on fabrication and installation of  cage for marine finfish farming under tribal sub plan (TSP) on Saturday at Puri.

Dr. Reeta Jayasankar, Principal Scientist and SIC, Puri Field Center of CMFRI emphasized  the need for a full fledged research centre of CMFRI at Puri  because of the enormous importance of marine fisheries in the region. Odisha has a coastline of 480 km harbouring many marine endangered species, highest biodiversity of mangroves, largest Lake of Asia, Chilika, largest congregation of marine turtle for mass nesting and many bio reserves.

Dr. Reeta Jayasankar also mentioned about tribal population in Odisha, which is close to 24% of the total population. They need to develop skills on cage farming and marine fin fish culture. She apprised the gathering that a total of 22 tribal people were indentified for the 1st phase of skill development on cage fabrication and the same group will be trained for second and third phase of the marine fin fish farming in cages so that they can take up the  venture by themselves.

Member of Parliament, Pinaki Misra  concern at the fact, Odisha produces only about 3.77 % of the total National marine fish production. The vast potential of the marine fisheries sector in Odisha should be unlocked.  Misra emphasized the need for a research centre CMFRI in Puri due to large congregation of marine fisher folks in the region. He felt that the concept of marine cage culture is a new concept to the fisher folk of the state as well as tribals who have the potential and energy should be benefited by this practice

Member of Odisha Legislative Assembly, Maheswar Mohanty enquired about cage farming, its potential, its practice in other states and also other activities like captured based aquaculture, deep sea fishing which can improve the livelihood of coastal fishers in Odisha. Dr Reeta  Jayasankar  clarified his queries and gave a briefed on the potential of mariculture like marine ornamental fin fish culture, seaweed culture and utilization, bioremediation, use of waste water for coastal vegetation, mangrove restoration, fin fish and shell fish breeding technology for seed production.

Bishnupada Sethi, IAS, Commissioner cum secretary, Fisheries and ARD department mentioned about the success of cage farming of pangas in the reservoirs of Jharkhand and about the plan to do cage farming in Chilika lake by the state fisheries department. Hesaid that CMFRI, Puri Field centre along with their team from Visakhapatnam should have a collaborative mode by providing technical knowhow to the state fisheries to take up cage farming in an aggressive mode in Odisha. Already nearlytwo crores of rupees were allotted for cage farming in the State.

The trainees were given theoretical class by Dr. Reeta Jasayankar,SIC, Puri  Field Centre of CMFRI and Dr. Biswajith Dash , Technical Officer, Visakhapatnam  Regional Centre of CMFRI. The practical class of the  cage fabrication was conducted by Dr. Biswajith Dash and the fabricators from Visakhapatnam.

Installation of the cage could not be possible due to cyclonic condition and low pressure in the coast. Installation will be done after one week may be during 20-24th September 2016. Finally the certificates were distributed to all the trainees.