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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Workshop on organic cultivation of large cardamom held at Panthang, Sikkim

Panthang (14th May): Indian Cardamom Research  along with  spice board organized a  training cum exposure programme for the farmers at east Sikkim ,Panthang.

About 22 farmers across the state and officials of the horticulture department had attended the programme. Deputy director in charge , B.A Gaudade, enlightened the farmers about some of the essential prerequisite conditions required to grow the large cardamom, the prevailing  market trends for development of the product and also acquainted the farmers regarding the kind of research activities being undertaken by ICAR and RSS to increase the productivity of large cardamom.

Explaining about  various phenomenon of pollination, breeding and weather adoptive factors of the large cardamom, Ashutosh Gautam ,from crop improvement division, emphasized on sustainable measures to be adopted for cardamom cultivation.

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