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World Bamboo Conference-2016

INDORE: Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Radha Mohan Singh said in three days World Bamboo Conference initiated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh today that there is a tremendous demand of Bamboo in National and International markets. Therefore, Government is taking necessary actions to fill up the gaps between supply and demand in this sector. He further said that government is determined to find out possibilities in this arena and to ensure its supply in a smooth way.

Singh, while giving reception to the experts and representatives in the conference, deliberated that there has been a trade of 20 billion US dollar in World Bamboo Market by the end of 2015. Whereas during this span there has been a transaction of 26000 crore rupees in domestic bamboo enterprises.

Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister said that government is looking out the possibilities of industrial production and its utilization related to Bamboo sector. Government is pondering over minutely to generate electricity through the direct utilization of bio fuel and bio mass gasification so as to produce charcoal or compressed bamboo biomass pallets. The plants have been set up for rayon /cellulose fibers for the production and exports of more quality bamboo fabrics like bath robs, baby wears, T- shirts, jackets, as well as suits.

Singh added that bamboo plays an important role in terms of food stuff nutrients and livelihood related ecological security. Bamboo sector can extend an important contribution in employment creation, to provide unabated livelihood means to the rural weaker sections and for abolition of poverty as permanent and renewable natural resource in the perspective of its constant development. Our 13% forest area is comprised of bamboo. More than 137 species of bamboo is grown in the country which are used for 1500 diversified utilities.

Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister further said that there has been a decrease in bamboo and bamboo forest areas. There is a meager productivity of bamboo in India. Consequent upon there is tremendous gap between demand and supply of bamboo. According to the estimates chalked out by Niti Aayog the domestic production of bamboo is only sufficient for half of the demand in the country. Therefore there is an immediate requirement to increase production of quality bamboo to meet the enhancing demand of bamboo in other section of the society apart from elevating bamboo related traditional industry as well as bamboo enterprises.

Singh said that Keeping in view the possibility of, economic utilization of bamboo, government of India has initiated National Bamboo Mission (NBM) – A centrally sponsored scheme under Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in 2006 for overall development of bamboo sector.  During this period, the mission alongwith its limited resources implementing this scheme in 28 states in the country with the assistance of State Bamboo Missions. Since the initiation of mission bamboo has been planted on 349864 hectare land.   1436 nurseries have been established to supply the quality saplings of bamboo.

Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister said on this occasion that there is requirement to make an expeditious development of bamboo sector in India which is impossible without formulating appropriate strategies. He emphasized the educationists and researchers related to this area to extend their contribution to mitigate existing gap in technology and employment and to contribute to provide technological facilities to the bamboo artisans.