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A Field day on vegetable varieties and F1 hybrids released by IIHR,

BENGALURU: A field day on vegetable varieties and F1 hybrids was organized on 3 acre plot  Prem Kumar at Chikkaluvara Village, Somwarpet Taluk, Kodagu District on Thrusday. Field day was organized by the Division of Vegetable crops, IIHR, Bengaluru in collaboration with KVK, Gonikoppal and CHES, Chettalli.

More than 100 farmers including farm women from nearby villages (Hebbale, Kodige, Kushalnagara & Nallur), Scientists from the Division of Vegetable Crops, IIHR, Bengaluru, Staff of KVK, Gonikoppal, CHES, Chettalli, Staff of college of Forestry, Ponnampet and Dr. K.M. Indiresh, Dean, College of Horticulture, Mysore, Officials from the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture participated in the field day programme.

Prabhakar, SMS (Horticulture), KVK, Gonikoppal  gave a brief introduction about the field day. Dr. Saju George, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Gonikoppal, welcomed all the farmers and delegates and highlighted the aim of organizing the field day.

Dr. A.T. Sadashiva, Head, Division of Vegetable crops, IIHR, Bengaluru emphasized that about 35,000 hectares of land is being left fallow after the harvest of paddy during the period from October to March. Further, he pointed out that the main aim of organizing field day was to create awareness among the coorg planters that vegetable cultivation would benefit them in several ways vegetables to their families and friends. He added that some of the planters have also made good profit by vegetable cultivation in their fields in Coorg area.

Farmer- scientist’s interactive meeting was also held and Dr. M. R. Hegde, Chairman, RPMEC, IIHR, Bengaluru emphasised the need for conducting vegetable field day in coorg area and invited the farmers to clarify for any doubts regarding vegetable cultivation and plant protection from the scientists and to seek clarifications regarding financial schemes from the departmental officers who participated in the field day.

All the farmers expressed that there was a strong need for setting up of a vegetable procurement centre at each taluk in order to help the farmers from being exploited by the middlemen and it would help farmers to get justifiable price for their produce. Dr. K.M. Indiresh, Dean, College of Horticulture, Mysore suggested the vegetable growers to contact bulk procuring agencies like Reliance, and Birla for contract farming.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. T.M. Rao, Director (I/C) emphasized that there was a need for formation of vegetable grower’s cooperatives to solve market related problems and also suggested to adopt marketing strategies as introduced by Mr. Thimmaiah of Nallur village. Director, IIHR and team of scientists also visited Arka Rakshak plot of Mr. Harish in the nearby village.

An exhibition of vegetable varieties/hybrids from farmers’ field was also arranged on this occasion.  B. Prabhakar KVK Gonikoppal proposed vote of thanks.


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