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About Smart AgriPost:

Smart AgriPost is an exclusive business to business and government to business magazine on Agriculture and Allied sectors in India. It covers a wide range of issues pertaining to agri-governance, business, retail, technology, equipments, machines, agri-traders, plant and animal farming and farmers.

The changing ecosystem of Agriculture Business and Governance is witnessing a rapid progress in India. Government’s proactive measures to revive the economy, initiative for ‘digitisation’, incentive for investment in agriculture sector and pro-business environment would boost the morale of Agri and Allied business in the country.

Technological advancement and penetration of internet in block and panchayat levels would largely influence the character of Agriculture sector in India. 

Thus, there is a need of a quality magazine  which will engage all stake holders to share their views on the changing landscape of Agriculture, market and the prospects.


The objective of the magazine is to reach out to all policy makers, agri- traders, companies, academicians and farmers, to inform and update them about the fast expanding terrain of Agriculture and Allied business in India, thereby empowering them to cope with the environment and do a profitable business. We will organise events, seminars and workshops on different industry verticals and provide an opportunity for networking.


Thank you for visiting our web site. Smart AgriPost respects the privacy of its users and is committed to protect it in all respects. Smart AgriPost is a magazine on Agriculture and Allied sectors in India and the contents are widely used by the target readers. No part of the publication can be published or imitated without the permission of the publisher of the magazine. Smart AgriPost will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from user’s reliance on the accuracy of the content supplied/provided in this website. Smart AgriPost reserves the right to change, cancel or introduce new terms and conditions in the Agreement in its discretion at any time, and without prior notice.

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