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First State level exhibition on Farmer’s Varieties of Sikkim

SIKKIM: The First State level exhibition on Farmer’s varieties of Sikkim and awareness traning on ‘Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Act’ was organized at ICAR-NRC on Orchids, Sikkim on Moday.

Prof. R. R. Hanchinal, Chairperson, PPV & FRA,  Govt. of India inaugurated the exhibition as Chief Guest and his address correlated the possible futuristic success of combining organic farming with cultivation of local farmers varieties that were better adapted to local environment than improved hybrids. He encouraged to develop seed village community banks and organic farming with carbon credits to ensure premium by registering local varieties in Sikkim for future generations.

Dr. R. C. Agrawal, Registrar General, PPV & FRA, expressed concerns for protection of various biological resources from Sikkim and focused on possibilities of registering at least 200 local varieties in next two years.

  1. T. Bhutia, Director (Horticulture), Govt. of Sikkim emphasized on research findings and alternatives methods for replacing expensive coco-chips with local resources in potting material and to encourage organic farming in Sikkim.

Dr. D. R. Singh, Director, ICAR-NRCO, highlighted the  crop diversity of Sikkim and importance of protection of plant varieties during opening remarks.

Karma D. Bhutia, President (FPO), Sikkim and Dr. A. N. Rao, Director (R & D), Centre for Orchid Gene Conservation, Manipur also participated as Guest of Honours.

The awareness training session was jointly conducted with experts from PPV & FRA and institute for the benefit of farmers. A fruitful discussion among various farmers on the subjects related to farmer rights, community rights and benefit sharing were discussed and the winners from exhibition stalls were awarded.

About 170 samples belonging to food crops, horticulture, medicinal plants and orchids were exhibited in 11 stalls. Farmers from Sikkim, Agriculture and Horticulture Departments, Govt of Sikkim participated the event.

Dr. R. Devadas, Senior Scientist (Plant Breeding) proposed vote of thanks.

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