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Former MP V Pradeep Kumar Dev visited CHES,Bhubaneswar

BHUBANESWAR: Former Member of Parliament, Visakhapatnam V Pradeep Kumar Dev visited CHES, Bhubaneswar on Thursday along with the State Horticulture Officers.  Making visit to various experimental fields of the Station, he acquainted himself about various kinds of research works being carried out for the welfare of farmers of Eastern region.  He was highly pleased with the overall maintenance of the orchards and other field despite having unfavourable soil conditions. He showed keen interest on the different mango varieties being maintained at the Station. The collection of various germplasm of underutilised fruits like rose apple and cucurbits like Melothria also appealed to his deep interest. He also noted the efforts of the Station for providing different varieties of fruits and vegetables that the station has made available for the public.  Dr. H. S. Singh, Head of the Station, apprised him about the work being done in the tribal areas under Tribal Sub Plan in Gajapati and Rayagada districts of Odisha.  While interacting with the Scientists of the Station  Dev shared his experiences about the vast collection of fruit crops in his constituency. While commenting the overall quality of research work and the upkeep of the Station, he called upon the scientists to continue the good work in future too.  He recalled and shared his view about good work of IIHR, Bengaluru that he experienced during his visit as Member of Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture.

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