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Innovative Sugarcane Cultivation

Description of innovation
In this cane is cut into 2-3 pieces from the top and made in to bundle of 100 sets. Rest of the cane is used for jaggery purpose. A trench of 1-1.5 feet deep and sizable length and width is prepared in the field to place bundle of sets in the soil for sprouting. Ash and 10% Malathion or BHC or kerosene oil is applied in the surface of the trench in a single layer of bundle. The sets are covered with leaves and with trench soil. Irrigation is given after two days with cow-dung and mixture of Malathion dust and kerosene oil. After 2 weeks, sprouted sets are taken out and planted in a furrow by desi plough at about 1.5 feet (line-to-line) by end-to-end method. Sprouted sets are again treated either with Malathion or kerosene oil. While placing the sets, some soil is powered on the set by hand. After completion of planting procedure, planking is done.

Practical utility of innovation
This method helps farmer save at least 2 weeks time, which can be utilized for making jaggery as well as for field preparation. Moreover, uniform set-setting is observed with higher yield and minimum insect-pest infestation. Farmers of entire Jainagar Block are practising this unique method in sugarcane.