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New Vegetable Varieties Notified

NEW DELHI: Ranchi Research Centre of ICAR-Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna has developed 12 vegetable varieties suitable for cultivation in Jharkhand state. State Variety Release Committee headed by  Nitin Kulkarni, Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Jharkhand has notified these varieties  on 22nd April, 2015 for cultivation in Jharkhand state.

New vegetable  varieties include three  varieties of Tomato (“Swarna Anmol” for protected cultivation; “Swarna Kanchan” for processing; “Swarna Ratan” for table purposes), two varieties of Chilli (“Swarna Praphulya”; “Swarna Tejashwi” for pickle purpose), one variety each of Capsicum (“Swarna Atulya”), Bottle gourd (“Swarna Sneha”), Ridge gourd (“Swarna Sawani”), Bitter gourd (“Swarna Yamini”), Lima bean (“Swarna Poshan”), Leaf Amaranth (“Swarna Raktim”) and Faba bean (“Swarna Safal”). These vegetable varieties are high yielding and resistant to many disease and insects.

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