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Agriculture introduced as subject from Standard VI onwards

New Delhi: Agriculture as a subject has been taught in an insignificant measure at the school level, remaining confined to under graduate and post graduate levels. But things are set to change now.

In what could help students develop a greater interest in the discipline, NCERT has introduced components of agriculture at the school level right from standard VI onwards.

Concerns related to agriculture including solutions to the challenges has been introduced in the NCERT science curriculum from standard VI to X and in the Biology textbook in standard XI and XII.

This information was shared by the Minister of State for Education Subhas Sarkar in Rajya Sabha.

He said a chapter on the agricultural challenges has also been included in NCERT’s class XII geography textbook.

The National Policy on Education 2020 had recommended the introduction of agriculture as a subject from the elementary level onwards to imbibe interest among students towards the discipline. The objective is to attract more and more bright minds into the agriculture sector and help them understand the nuances associated with it.

About 60 per cent of the workforce in the country is engaged in the sector and it contributes roughly 20 per cent to the nation’s GDP.






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