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Innovative farmers felicitated by ICAR-CRRI

Felicitating 32 farmers for innovation in rice cultivation on the occasion of ‘Farm Innovators Day and BGREI Scientists-Farmers Interaction Meet’ organised by ICAR-Central Rice Research Institute(CRRI) in Cuttack, Ranglal Jamuda, Special Secretary,  DAC, MOA, Government of India advised scientists to develop improved varieties suitable for various abiotic and biotic stress situations like flood, submergence, drought, salinity and alkalinity that afflict Indian soils.

Jamuda also emphasised on ‘Seed, Soil and Water’ for sustaining agricultural production and the need to address soil and micronutrient deficiency problems.

Attending the event, Dr. P.K. Meherda, Commissioner-cum-Director, Department of Agriculture and Food Production, Government of Odisha said that progress in agriculture sector was impossible without seeds of improved varieties, technologies, farm machineries and efforts of our farmers.

Dr. T. Mohapatra, Director and Chairman highlighted the significant achievements of the institute specially the recently released varieties and their suitability for diverse ecologies.

Three extension bulletins on ‘CRRI rice varieties for diverse ecologies’, ‘Rice nematodes and their management’, and ‘Agro-climatic characterization for crop planning in water stress prone area of Ganjam’ were released on this occasion. An exhibition displaying CRRI technologies and implements was also organized.

The programme was attended by 250 innovative and progressive farmers and government officers from 29 districts of Odisha. Among others, Dr. B.N. Sadangi, Dr. Amal Ghosh, Dr. Lipi Das and Dr. S.K. Mishra were present on the occasion.


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