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The first tranche of imported Tur dal arrives

NEW DELHI: The first tranche of 888 MT and 984 MT of Tur Dal has arrived at Chennai Port and JNPT, Mumbai on 23rd September, 2015 and 24th September, 2015 respectively. It is being allocated to States as per their requests. The remaining consignment of 5000 MT of Tur, already ordered for the import, will also be received soon at these two ports.

Bids for importing additional 5000MT of Tur have also been floated by MMTC. These would be opened on October 1, 2015. While consignment of 5000 MT of Urad Dal from Myanmar will reach at the Chennai and JNPT by 20th October, 2015

This was informed during the fourth meeting of the Inter Ministerial Committee on Prices and Availability of essential food items chaired by Secretary Consumer Affairs,  C. Viswanath here today. The meeting attended by senior officials of Ministry Agriculture, Commerce, Food, Delhi Government, MMTC and NAFED reviewed the prices and availability of pulses and onions.

Regarding onion, the Committee noted that the arrival of advance crops to the market from Karnataka and Rajasthan has helped in moderating the prices. It was indicated that post Kharif sowing of onions has been good and is expected to lead to improved supply. MMTC informed that the first tranche of onion being imported to improve domestic availability is expected from China and Egypt on October 3, 2015 at JNPT, Mumbai. The imported stock would be made available to States/ UTs as per their demands to help moderate the prices further.

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